Finding a florist for Perfect Prom

20 April 2017

The tradition of corsages and buttonholes is a growing trend, so be Prom Prepared! A US trend that has grown bigger and bigger in the UK over the past 15 years, Prom season is now worth an estimated £100 million in the UK alone. 95% of schools now hold a Prom to celebrate student leavers and research into Prom trends has shown 23% of girls have flowers or a corsage, with 12% of boys buying them for their prom date.

So how do you find the right florist to help make your prom dreams come true?

1 - Research

Have a search for local florists nearby online and have a browse of their Facebook and website to see the style and products they offer. Many florists will have a dedicated page on their site for Prom!

2- Ask

Check whether your school has any local links to florists, they may even offer a discount or special rate for you. Don't be afraid to ask the florist for examples of work they have done before.

3 - Visit

Found a local florist you like the look of? Give them a call or pop in for an informal chat. They are the experts and will be full of good ideas of what flowers will work best and match your outfit perfectly!

4- Enjoy

Prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity, enjoy the celebration with your fellow school levers!





Finding a florist for Perfect Prom