Lonely Bouquet Day 2017

08 June 2017

We love this idea – who wouldn’t be excited to find a Lonely Bouquet to brighten their day? Back again after the success in the UK last year, the date for your diary is 25th June 2017. The idea behind Lonely Bouquet Day is to make people happy and what better way than through flowers? To get involved all you need to do is  leave a bouquet somewhere public to be found. This could be at a local park, bus stop, empty bench – the world is your oyster!


1. gather a bunch of flowers either from your local florist or home grown garden

2. arrange the flowers in a recycled jar or tie them off with a bit of twine

3. add a signature "take me" tag

4. leave the arrangement somewhere for a lucky local to find and take home

on the tag can also include the Lonely Bouquet website address and facebook, so the finder can share online their story!




Lonely Bouquet Day 2017