Love is in the Air - say it with flowers

01 February 2017

February the 14th, better known as Valentine’s Day, is celebrated around the world. Although we try to do it every day, it is an excuse to show your loved one how much they mean to you.

Flowers are traditional the gift of choice, a tradition dating back 1700s when a King of Sweden introduced the idea of the language of flowers to Europe.  Red Roses are still the most popular flower to give as a gift on Valentine’s Day, and quite rightly so as there meaning is passion and love.

But did you know there was also meaning behind how many red roses are sent, read on to find out the secret message hidden in the numbers…

1: One true love

6: I want to be yours

12: Be Mine

13: Forever Friends

50: Unconditional love

101: You are my one and only love

365: Can’t stop thinking about you everyday

So how many Red Roses would you like to receive on St Valentine’s Day this year?

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Love is in the Air - say it with flowers