June Houseplant of the month - Sunflower

01 June 2019

Looking for a houseplant to bring brightness and happy vibes to your home? We have the perfect suggestion - the sunflower! One of our favourite summer blooms, the sunflower houseplant potted version doesn't grow as tall as the garden varieties - for those worried a 7ft sunflower may look out of place in their living room!

How to display your sunflower houseplant

Sunflower plants offer unique and cheerful yellow petals with a distinctive dark heart centre. Perfect for brightening a kitchen, living room or office space, the sunflowers look great in rustic containers or grouped together. To help keep the sunflowers on trend and modern, sunflowers also look amazing when combined with purple flowers or dark green foliage. The potted sunflower range has also been bred to not release pollen - ideal for those who suffer from allergies.

Care tips for sunflower houseplants

  • sunflowers love sunshine and can tolerate a sunny spot or windowsill.
  • your houseplant will like lots of water - the soil should always be a bit damp.
  • a drop of plant food in with the water once a week will help the flowers.
  • any wilted flowers can be carefully removed, giving new buds plenty of space to grow.
June Houseplant of the month - Sunflower