April Flower of the Month - Gerbera

16 April 2019

With their bright shades and playful shape, Gerberas are gorgeous flowers to choose for Spring and Summer. Gerberas have a beautiful daisy shape and happy colours, which has captured the hearts of florists and customers across the world. Gerberas have grown in popularity over the years and are now one of the most in demand blooms.

Gerberas have a fabulous range of colours means they are perfect stems to use for a big splash of colour in a bouquet. Gerberas make a great floral gift all year round, and growers in Holland supply high quality stems to florists.

They aren’t scented, so are Gerberas are a brilliant option for people who are sensitive to strong fragrant. Gerberas are also easy to look after – with no leaves to worry about, smooth stems and long life. Thanks to the shape of the petals and vibrant colours Gerberas photograph beautifully, making them a hit with instagrammers and millennials.

Gerberas are the perfect blooms for Spring and Summer

Your local florist will love designing bouquets using gerberas, as they always make a big impactful splash of colour that people love. Gerberas also are fabulous flowers to use for event work, such as wedding flowers and corporate floral designs as they are long lasting and with a beautiful range of colours.  

The story behind the gerbera daisy

Gerberas originate from warmer climates such as South Africa, Asia and South America. They reached the UK in the early nineteenth century, and have been popular with florists and consumers ever since! Due to advancement over the years in growing conditions, over 900 million gerberas are produced in Netherlands per year. There are over 600 varieties, giving lots of different, shape, colour and size options.

The gerbera has different meanings in different cultures, dating back thousands of years. Nowadays, gerberas are generally associated with symbolising innocence, purity and loyal love. If you love the meaning behind flowers, choosing gerberas for wedding flowers is a lovely symbolic meaning.

How to look after your cut gerbera flowers

Gerberas are cheerful blooms to have around, so you will want to keep them happy for as long as possible! When well cared for, cut gerberas should last between 7-10 days.

  1. Find a suitable vase or container to display your gerberas. Gerberas have beautifully long stems, so a tall cylinder vase or large milk bottle style vase will give the height and support required.
  2. Ensure the vase is clean by washing out with warm water, as any lurking bacteria can impact flower life.
  3. Fill the vase with clean, cool tap water and add the flower food sachet provided by your local florist.
  4. Carefully snip 2-3cm off the bottom of the stem at a 45 degree angle and place in the vase.
  5. Display your vase of gerberas in a cool spot in the home or office. They don’t like to get too hot, so avoid placing in direct sunlight or by a radiator.
  6. Replace the vase water every 2-3 days to help avoid the build-up of bacteria.

With thanks to Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk for additional information.


April Flower of the Month - Gerbera