Lily houseplant of the month

01 March 2019

Lily: March Houseplant of the month

The beautiful lily (lilium) is one of the most popular flowers around. With stunning large petals, array of exotic colours and exquisite fragrance, lilies add an elegant touch to any home or floral bouquet. Florists are often asked to include lilies in bespoke floral bouquets as ‘they are my nan's favourite flower’ or ‘my wife loves the smell of them’.

What many people don’t realise is that lilies actually make fabulous house plants too! There is a range of colours you can chose for your potted lily; such as ruby red, sunshine yellow, bright orange, bold pink, elegant white or pretty pastel shades. Ideal for adding a splash of colour to the home or office, potted lilies look great and are low key maintence wise.

What to look for when buying a potted lily

  • Check the lily plant is in bud, which means you get to experience the whole flowering process.
  • Look for bulbs that are well rooted, ensuring the stems are supported
  • The lily plant shouldn’t have any dried buds or yellow leaves

Caring for you potted lily

  • Lilies don’t mind light areas, but avoid placing them in strong direct sunlight.
  • Keep your potted lilies in a cooler position helps extend flowering life
  • Sprinkle with water regularly, ensuring the soil doesn’t dry out - but avoid over watering and leaving the soil boggy with water
  • Carefully remove any wilted flowers by snipping at the base of the stem with sharp scissors
  • Once the lily plant has flowered, it has finished and the bulb can be planted in the garden

The best way to display your potted lily

Lilies are the main star of the show, so let them shine by keeping the base simple – a sleek black, pale matte grey or soft white pot works best. If you have several lily pots to display in your home or office space, position them at different heights to give a lively look, with lots of colour and depth.

Looking for a special lily gift?

Get in touch with your local florist using our handy florist find tool and ask them about their range of lilies and plants!


With special thanks to the Flower Council Holland for Images and background information.

Lily houseplant of the month