Christmas Wreaths

30 November 2018

The countdown has officially started, children (and adults) around the world are on extra good behaviour to ensure they are on Saint Nick's Christmas List. Here at Florist Find HQ we love getting in the Christmas spirit, filling the office with Christmas tunes, spiced candles and decorations. Hundreds of them. Christmas tree, babbles, tinsel, flashing lights, advent calendar, snowmen in all shapes and sizes, holly garlands and of course a festive door wreath. But have you actually ever sat back and thought why a Wreath? What does it actually mean?

What are Christmas Wreaths made from?

Evergreens are most traditionally used, such as pine branches or holly. Pine Has that distinct woodland smell to it, and florists use this commonly for the natural fragrance. The wreath can be decorated with other items such as pine cones, ivy, berries, dried fruits, natural twigs, cinnamon sticks, babbles, ribbon - the list goes on. Wreaths are perfect for adding a touch of personality, as local florist can bespoke make them in the colours, textures and scents at your request. So whether to compliment your beautiful red front door or in corporate colours, the Wreath is beautifully tailor made.

Christmas Wreath Meaning

The word 'Wreath'  derives from an English word meaning 'to twist'. The meaning behind Christmas Wreaths can be viewed in several different ways. The most popular being its circular shape represents eternity, the unending circle of life. Evergreens were used as a symbol of growth and everlasting life.

How to look after your Wreath

  • If not displaying immediately, store your Wreath in a cool place with air ventilation and in its plastic liner. This helps keep the greenery fresh and captures the moisture.
  • If you are displaying your Wreath indoors, keep it away from heat sources (like radiators, log fires and heaters)
  • Use a mister spray bottle to lightly mist your Wreath daily, if kept inside
  • No need to mist an outside Wreath
  • Keep your Wreath out of direct sunlight

Order your Christmas Wreath

Use our handy Florist Find search tool - type in town or postcode to locate your local florist. Check out their website or pop in to store, your local florist will be happy to help you choose the right Wreath for you. They come in a variety of sizes and your florist can adapt the colours, scents and textures to suit your requirements. There are many different styles of wreath from contemporary to traditional, minimal to grand, so you can pick the right design for you. Christmas Wreath also make a beautiful festive gift - as a housewarming present, thank you gift or secret Santa.



Christmas Wreaths