Why shop local

02 September 2016

Why shop local I hear you ask?

Whilst grabbing a bouquet whilst in a supermarket is easy, it perhaps won’t give you the best flower experience! Treating yourself or a loved one to flowers SHOULD be a special experience, a journey - one full of different scents, colours, sizes and textures. Let walking into your local florist overwhelm your senses and enjoy!

Personal service: A local florist can offer a personalised experience and offer great attention to details. By getting to know each other, your florist can take the time to get to know you and your buying habits, important events in your calendar and make every flower purchase occasion special.

Expert knowledge: Florists love flowers and want to share their passion and knowledge with you. Not sure what flowers are best to send? Your florist will be happy to recommend what is currently in season, flower meanings and be able to tailor to your specific needs

Care: Your florist can share the tricks of the trade with you and give specialised advice on how to care for your flowers, helping them to last much longer. 

Quality: A good florist will have handpicked the best flowers at the flower market each morning, meaning you get freshest, highest quality flowers for the fairest price. 

Why shop local