Florist Flower Care Tips

27 February 2018

Top flower care tips from your local florist

Received a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Not sure what to do with your blooms?  Follow our favourite florist tips for getting the most out of your flowers…

Flower tip #1 Remove Packaging

If your fresh flowers were delivered in cellophane or plastic, carefully remove all packaging with scissors. If you want to retain the design shape, keep the string tied round the stems or for a looser look, remove the string.

Flower tip #2 Feed me

Use a clean vase, and don’t forget to add the flower food that arrived with your flowers to the fresh water! Your local florist would have provided the flower food sachet to help keep your blooms blooming lovely for longer.

Flower tip #3 Display in the right place

Keep your flowers away from drafts, out of direct sunlight and not next to ripening fruit, which can cause flowers to wilt and dry out earlier than expected.

Flower tip #4 A little TLC

After a few days do a maintenance check on your flowers; if the water is cloudy, change it for fresh water and remove any dead or wilting leaves and stems. This will help remove any bad bacteria that may cause your lovely fresh flowers to deteriorate quicker than expected!

Flower tip #5 Did you know?

Lily pollen can stain clothing and fabrics - if you do get any on your favourite jumper then DON'T use water, intead use sellotape to dab off the pollen.

Discover your local florist with our Find a Florist search tool - a great way to find out florists in your local area. The great thing about using a local florist is the personal service they can give you - from flower care tips to best buying bouquet ideas, florists are full to the brim of knowledge they can share with you to get the most out of your flowers!



Florist Flower Care Tips